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Since 1904, HK Tram has become the world’s largest operating double-deck tram with an average of 200,000 passengers daily. This iconic tram runs from one end of HK island to the other, passing through the middle of the city. With the tram’s high public exposure, we have found the opportunity to design a new tram that can represent and introduce HK heritage to the public.


Through this project, we aim to create a new tram experience that combines sightseeing and eating. The new tram is an opportunity to promote cultural appreciation, preservation, and renewal. For the locals to recall their collective memories of Hong Kong while attracting new generations and tourists for the experience of Hong Kong from a different perspective.


Everlasting is a tram design cooperated with Circus Ltd. Tram is a local transportation in Hong Kong, which is a city with Chinese and Western culture. User-experience have to be heavily considered in the project and elements of Chinese culture have to be applied. A new user-experience is o ered as ne dining is provided with the scenery. 


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