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This newly designed ergonomic computer bag, Leather slip, is for the usage of our main target users, design students. As they usually need to work a long time on their projects and works, so we designed this product for them to use in a studio. As the users need to operate laptop computers for a lengthy time, they may easily get impaired on their joints such as shoulders and wrists.


Also, we need to provide convenience for them to work any time and space so that this designed computer bag with special inner structure can help the user to have various adjustable angles without bringing extra computer accessories.


The way to use this computer bag is to take out the laptop computer and put it above the bag, then pull the strip from the inside of the bag to adjust the suitable angle by fixing the distance. There are 3 different angles for the user to adjust according to their posture and need. After using it as an ergonomic product, the user can simply loosen the strip and put the computer back into the bag, and carry it as a stylish computer bag.


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