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In 2022, the Winter Olympic will launch in China. Those sport venues are separated in three cities. So audience will need to travel to three cities for enjoying those sport games.

But can we designing a sharing mobility project to provide a brand new experience to those users or potential customers?


User can reservve the room by the hotel booking app before he/ she arrived to Beijing. After they arrived to the Beijing Airport, Model H will wait outside of the airport. When user need to use the vehicle, they don't need to move their luggage on the vehicle because they can directly put their luggage into the lift which inside the luggage area. It will send the luggage on the first floor. Also they don't need to change their room or hotel when they are using the white whale. The room will start the trip in the night time, when the user wake up, he/she will arrive the venues. The whole experience will be simplify.

Free sketches


Direction 1


Direction 2


Design Details


Final Rendering