Majority of human will think that death is the end of life. But in many cultures, death is not the last destination. Their philosophy is people will live in another space or world with a new life form. So people will attend the funeral ceremonies to bless the deceased and say the last goodbye. But is that possible to let life transform into another life?


This project is about an autonomous funeral vehicle with an eco-funeral business. The design of the vehicle(Reborn) and the coffin(Life cocoon) are inspired by the life cycle of the butterfly. The shape of Reborn will look like a cocoon when doors are closed. But when those doors are opened, it will look like a butterfly.  About the Life Cocoon, the coffin will be made by plywood with wood filler with transparent water jelly and a seed. The corpse will become the nutrient and let the seed become a tree in two years.


Never the less, this vehicle will help relatives and friends to get over from the bad emotion with AR technology. When doors open, there will be some AR butterflies projection coming out as the meaning of new life which transformed from the old life. Also, When the vehicle on road, the vehicle will create flower smell with flowers, this can help passer-by have a good image of the funeral use vehicle.